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    restoring faith in love

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    Vegan and gluten-free superfood pizza with a quinoa crust…RECIPE

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  2. Saturday brunch

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    Easy Peasy Vegan Banana Bread

    225g Plain flour
    3 heaped tsp Baking Powder
    120g Brown Sugar
    3 tsp Cinnamon or Mixed Spice
    2 tsp Vanilla Essence
    3 large Ripe Bananas
    75g Vegetable/Sunflower Oil (weight)

    • Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees Celcius.
    • Mash the peeled bananas with a fork. Add oil and sugar, mix well.
    • Add the flour, baking powder and cinnamon, combine well.
    • Add any additional ingredients (finely diced dried fruit, seeds etc).
    • Bake in a loaf tin for 20 minutes / remove and cover with foil
    / Bake for another 40 minutes (approximately).
    • Allow to cool before slicing. It’s delicious freshly baked but even yummier when it goes super moist the next day! Store in an air tight container.

    Enjoy ♡

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